Colleen’s Story

Colleen is just one of our clients who has been able to rebuild her and her family’s life with the help of food donations. Her story is truly inspirational and shows what giving a little at Christmas time can mean to someone in need. In Colleen’s words, “It’s a huge thing when you don’t have it and you’re just trying to keep a roof over your head.”

Colleen’s family recipes

Today, Colleen is happy and thriving, and busy helping others by teaching basic cooking skills to families in her local community. She says, “If there’s anything I’ve learnt, it’s how to cook something nutritious from very little. It’s amazing to be able to share that knowledge with parents who want to be able to cook healthy meals for their families, and are on really tight budgets trying to make ends meet.”

Here are a couple of Colleen’s delicious recipes, made mainly with non-perishable ingredients donated by generous people in the Food for Families appeal.

Colleen’s fried rice

Colleen’s spiced Mexican beans