Target Gift Giving

Target has been in partnership with us since 1992.  Every year Target provides a Christmas tree at the front of every store for the collection of unwrapped gifts for families in need, and also offers easy ways for you to donate.  In 2016 customers helped raise over $1.2M dollars and collected over 15,000 gifts. This year’s Christmas Appeal at your closest Target store will run from Monday 6 November to Sunday 24 December 2017.

Simply take an unwrapped gift to any Target store around Victoria

Purchase a bauble gift tag from any Target checkout to donate $1 to the appeal

Gift Suggestions

While all gifts are welcome, sometimes people have a hard time deciding what to buy for particular age groups. Here are some helpful suggestions if you are having trouble deciding:

Babies and toddlers: rattles, soft toys, blankets, clothing, toys, building blocks, storybooks.

Young children – aged 4 – 8 yrs: sports equipment, outdoor games, books, toys, board games, dolls, toy car/train sets, Lego blocks/sets.

Older children – aged 9 – 14 yrs: board games, books and activity books, accessories, outdoor equipment (ie. frisbee, skateboard, balls, bike, scooter) funky stationery, card games.

Teenagers: novels, board games, gift cards, sports equipment, body lotions, deodorant packs, accessories (ie. jewellery, hats, caps, scarves), makeup (ie. lip gloss packs, nail polish), candles, photo frames, DVD’s.

Adults: books, fashion accessories (ie. scarves, ties, watches), perfume, deodorant packs, cosmetic bags, photo frames, DVD’s, hampers, homewares.

Also any Target staff member will be happy to point you in the direction of popular items.